About Ellen


Ellen is a typical Millennial - Jack of all trades, master of a few actually thanks.

She is a writer (fiction and non-fiction), a nail artist, a photographer, a strategic marketer, and above all a mum to an old and toothless cat called Dinky. Ask her about it some time but if you do then she might not shut up about it.

Her non-fiction writing has been featured on Refinery29 UK, Into The Fold and Woodworks and has covered beauty, personal essays, cultural commentary, feminism, interviews and TV.

A piece of her fiction writing has been featured on Dear Damsels; a short story focusing on the non-sexual teenage obsession with others bodies. Ellen’s fiction often focuses on relationships and the breadth that they can encompass. To see examples of her writing, click here.

Having always had a keen interest in photography, 2019 was the year that Ellen finally picked up her camera and started using it properly, mostly to take portraits of those she interviews, head shots, or portraits and outfit shots for content for the ‘gram.

Ellen’s love for nail art began as a 16 year old, using toothpicks and cheap nail polish to apply Pac-man themed nails. Thankfully the process has become more sophisticated since then and she enjoys applying abstract nail art for gel-polish manicures with proper tools and everything. To see examples of her nail art, or to book an appointment with Ellen, click here.

(Christ, it’s tiring writing about yourself in the third person.)

And, as if that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I’m also a skilled and experienced marketer with over four years experience under my belt in tech and agency marketing. I offer strategic marketing consultancy to small, independent, ethical businesses either developing strategic plans or teaching business owners how to do this themselves.